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Ramextrusions Patent & Manufacture New Fire Retardent Glazing Bead

Ram Extrusion has followed the request from one of the world's largest door manufacturers produced a plastic profile capable of being used as a glazing bead in a fire door application. With the assistance of several material specialists we have formulated a wood plastic composite material that when blended with a specifically formulated blowing agent will produce a solid self-extinguishing profile. Following extensive trials, Ram Extrusion produced a glazing bead profile that has been tested to EN Fire Door Regulations at a UK accredited fire test laboratory, and successfully passed! Ram Extrusion has filed a UK and European patent application and will commence manufacture the product for the aforementioned world-renowned door manufacturer. The main advantages of Ram's composite fire door glazing bead are it ability to match a door face finish on the surface of the product, it is able to be designed in a more streamline design than timber and particularly MDF beads. It is also more durable and will not be easily damaged and frayed on the mitred corners. In short, a more aesthetically pleasing option to glazing a fire door than other products currently available.

08 September, 2015
Pv-wood is a strong profile extrusion made from pvc combined with wood fibres..
08 September 2015, 2015
Ram's Pv wood Glazing Bead provides the perfect solution to rotting window beads...

Wood EX or (Synthetic Wood/Plastic Wood) as it is also known has fast become the alternative for real wood now being used by local authorities, building companies, Diy people, Local Forestry commisions for...

Woodex is made from a blend of polymers that provide a strong durable material that looks and works like real wood but requires no treatments or maintenence and will not rot..

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