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Ram Wood ex Product Makes for Beautiful Window Shutters

ram manufactures polypropylene UPVC decorative & is able to provide it in any shape, color or pattern as such many companies order custom made polypropylene UPVC in order to produce quality wood replacement products, simply shutters is one such company that produces beautiful Ornamental polypropylene UPVC decorative louvered shutters & carry the largest stock range in the UK, our upvc is made completely from recycled materials, UPVC last longer than real wood making it the ideal material for window shutters and other such products found in the home and garden.

Simply Shutters Ltd is a family run business operating out of a small town in Suffolk called Brandon that lies about 15 miles northwest of Bury St Edmunds and 6 miles from Thetford on the Suffolk/ Norfolk border.

They specialize in the manufacture UPVC / maintenance free vinyl exterior decorative window shutters as well as fully operational window shutters in a variety of styles and colors and serve both the trade and retail markets. One of Ram's oldest Wood-ex products reaches its 10th anniversary, Wood-ex synthetic wood has now been used for a decade to produce the most authentic, long lasting, decorative window shutters on the UK market. Not one customer will have needed to paint their shutter to date, and will not need to for some years to come and they can be comfortable in the knowledge they will never need to replace them as they will not rot, weather and will need minimal maintenance; Wood-ex synthetic wood coupled with a durable two-pack acrylic, epoxy paint finish ensures that shutters made from Wood-ex are simply the best. This product was fully designed and prototyped by Ram Extrusion on behalf of its customers, and is proud in the fact that the product is still, after 10 years, one of the best options on the market. Used on all sizes and styles of houses from the most modest to the largest house in the land and produced in any size, shape and style they create a fantastic finish to any home.

08 September, 2015
Pv-wood is a strong profile extrusion made from pvc combined with wood fibres..
08 September 2015, 2015
Ram's Pv wood Glazing Bead provides the perfect solution to rotting window beads...

Wood EX or (Synthetic Wood/Plastic Wood) as it is also known has fast become the alternative for real wood now being used by local authorities, building companies, Diy people, Local Forestry commisions for...

Woodex is made from a blend of polymers that provide a strong durable material that looks and works like real wood but requires no treatments or maintenence and will not rot..

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Ram Extrusion Limited ("Ram Extrusion/the company") is a plastics manufacturing organisation specialising in the extrusion of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. Ram continues to research new grounbreaking products made from recycled plastics.

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