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digisafe front finger gaurd

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Digisaver Front Finger Gaurd

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Digisaver is a neatly fitting safety strip which prevents fingers being jammed on the hinge side of a door and the jamb on the hinged side. When fitted the gap is covered completely and it is suitable for domestic or commercial use.

Digisaver is a door safety accident prevention product that blocks the cavity formed between the edge of the door and the door frame and prevents fingers entering the cavity by means of a folding finger safety device. It also acts as a secondary draught excluder.

Digisaver can be fitted to most types of doors including wood, metal and UPVC. Extremely simple to install, has a long life expectancy and can be easily removed and refitted for door painting.

    Product Details

    Doors are used everyday by everybody but they are potentially dangerous and according to ROSPA there are over 30,000 finger injuries every year.

    Teachers, parents, and carers have become increasingly aware of the danger of children trapping their fingers in closing doors and to avoid accidents recent legislation BS7036 Part 4: item 7.1 recommends "the use of a finger saver that either fills the finger trap or minimises the gap so as not to create a finger trap.

    Digisaver is manufactured from co-extrusded uPVC and after easy fitting requires no maintenance other than a wipe down with a damp cloth for cleaning.

    Product Features

  • Available Colours : Brown, White and Black from stock, other colours available for special order and also in a SteriTouch material for reduction of bacteria and other germs.(qty dependant)
  • Aesthetically pleasing slim-line design - once fitted it is hardly noticeable.
  • Supplied in 1.95m length to suit standard UK doors
  • Easy to clean and requires no maintenance.
  • Suitable for areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Fits on left and right hand opening doors.
  • Permits 180? opening on a standard hinged doors
  • Permits 90? and 180? opening
  • Easy to install, no specialist tools or equipment
  • Can improve the acoustic and draft sealing performance of the doorset.

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