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Ram Corporate Environmental
Policy Statement

Ram Extrusion Limited, as a responsible UK manufacturer of plastic extruded product, hereby recognises it impact on the environment and agrees to do all within it's power to manage and where possible reduce it's environmental effects.

  • Ensuring that we comply with all relevant UK and European environmental legislation
  • Making sure that our production facility is set up to work in the must energy efficient ways possible
  • Work in the cleanest, smartest ways there by reducing waste
  • Work with both our suppliers and customers to ensure that the packaging of both goods in and product out have the least possible effect on the environment in terms of types of materials used and the related quantity and where possible look to use multi trip returnable packaging.
  • Ensure that scrap levels of materials are minimised and the recycling of that scrap is handled in the most efficient manner
  • Where possible reuse or recycle as much packaging waste as possible, eg pallets etc
  • Expect and communicate with suppliers to ensure they are working towards a similar environmentally responsible goal
  • Ensure that every step is taken to prevent pollution from our manufacturing facility
  • Communicate our environment policy to our employees to ensure the fullest possible compliance
  • Continually set and reset targets to strive to continuously improve in all of the above areas

    As a Director of Ram Extrusion Ltd, and the person directly responsible for this policy I will:-

  • 1 Ensure that Ram Extrusion implements and works to the above policy
  • 1 Ensure that sufficient funds are available to implement the policy
  • 1 Encourage all employees to be aware of the policy
  • 1 Monitor the working of the policy and put in place any necessary changes

  • 1st March 2014

    Allan Watts

    Managing Director

    for & on behalf of the Directors of Ram Extrusion Limited