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Ram Corporate Responsibility
Policy Statement

Ram Extrusion Limited, as a responsible UK manufacturer of plastic extruded product, hereby recognises responsibility to our colleges, the community, our suppliers and customers and all individuals connected directly or indirectly to any of these groups

This will be achieved by ensuring the following areas are approached and managed in a right and proper way and will always comply with the Legislation :

We will ensure that every possible step is taken in securing the safety of our employees and anyone who may come into contact with either our facility or our products.
We will endeavour to train our staff to the standard required so that they can work in a safe, efficient and quality orientated manner.
Agree to pay our colleges in a fare and equitable manner no matter what gender and ensure that all employees are paid no less than the NMW.
Ensure that all employee or potential employees are given the same opportunity regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or age.
We will ensure that all employee work with the European Working Time Directive.
We will not restrict the rights of our employees to belong to a union or the rights to some other form of collective bargaining.
We will make every effort to ensure that our suppliers work towards a similar set of ethical standards no matter were in the world they are based. We will work as a team with our suppliers to share best practices and always ensure that what we do together is in the interest of all parties.
We will not use any labour under the age of 16 and will encourage our supplier to do the same and as a minimum ensure that they work with in the legislation local to their facility.
We will be a responsible neighbour and encourage all of our college to look after the area in which we are located.
We will treat our colleges, customers and all those our business comes into contact with, with respect regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or age.
We will always endeavour to purchase all material from ethical and sustainable sources.

As Managing Director, I will:

a. Ensure that Ram Extrusion implements and works to the above policy

b. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to implement the policy

c. Put in place a reporting structure that controls the daily working of the policy

d. Encourage all employees to be aware of the policy

e. Monitor the working of the policy and put in place any necessary changes

1st March 2014

Allan Watts

Managing Director

for & on behalf of the Directors of Ram Extrusion Limited