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The Plastic extrusion process is used to form profiles with a fixed cross-sectional shape. Recycled Plastic pellets, granules or powder (poly-meric materials) along with required additives for colorant. UV stabilizing, density reduction and many others are fed into a , mixed and then fed into a long narrow barrel casing which contains a large screw type thread, single or double can be used in the process commonly known as extrusion or co extrusion (single or double screw), after entering the barrel & contacting the screw the are moved along the screw as it turns, the resin pellets are then sheared & heated to specific temperature dependent on the type of resin being extruded. The screw speed & additivies are controlled by one main panel. As the spiral screw turns the plastic pellets are heated to gradually soften and melt as they are forced down the barrel to the end and then through a to start the forming of the finished profile. The die has been designed to shape the extrusion to the required form. Each different profile requires its own custom made die. As the extrusion travels through the die the required shape is formed. As the hot plastic shape leaves the die it is immediately cooled and held in the required shape while it is cooled to form the finished plastic profile, This is achieved by placing the profile in a cold vacuum calibration unit made from stainless steel, Brass plates or blocks on order to freeze the plastic extrusion there by keeping the required form.

Once the extruded profile is complete Ram Extrusion then machine, punch, foil, drill, wrap, veneer and insert other product into the extrusion before cutting to any required length, all in line, to produce a finished profile, before shrink sleeving, labelling and packing ready for the customer.

  • This very same process is used to turn the recycled resin in to pellet form to make shaped plastic extrusions.
  • Plastic Extrusions can be made in any colour when additives are added to produce colouring.
  • The Die determines the shape of the finished extrusion.
  • The Screw Speed, Rotation & Barrel Temperature are Calibrated to the type of Plastic used in the process.
  • Cold Pressurized air is used as the extrusion leaves the die giving the extrusion stability.
  • A Co extrusion Process can also be achieved by pressing more than one material through the same die.
  • An extrusion Die is made with precision by a Toolmaster in order to produce a finished product to the highest possible standard.

What products can be produced by the extrusion process

Ram extrusion are primarily a bulk plastic extrusion manufacturer supplying to a wide range of Builders merchants, DIY Stores, but also the EU. Ram produces many ground breaking plastic extrusion products which have passed all the necessary standards with some of these products being patented by Ram Extrusion. Ram holds a stock range of many plastic profiles such as acoustic seals, weather seals, door & window products and its range of wood replacement profiles call Woodex which comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. Ram have designed, manufactured and tested many unique Plastic Profiles.

Ram uses Recycled Materials in The Plastic Extrusion Process

Materials such as bottles, CD cases, food cartons, Carrier Bags, plastic packaging and just about any disposable items made from plastics (HDPE, PET, PVC), all saved from landfill to produce raw material for producing a multitude of plastic profiles.

How Recycled Plastics are Recycled

To begin with the waste plastics are separated according to the resin type (HDPE, PET, PVC), this first step eliminates any contamination that would be caused should any types of the resin be combined, The Filtering process insures a pure uncontaminated quality end extrusion product is produced.

Once separated the waste plastic is then reduced to a very small wafer to make it more manageable, This is done by a large shredding machine called a granulater, on completion the waste plastic is then Cleaned & Filtered continually using a cleaning solution to remove any excess materials or contaminants and various methods of filtering the most common of which is floatation, a float tank is used to divide the materials based on weight.

The Last Process is to change the wafers in to Granules or pellet form or even a powder, to produce granules the recycled waste is put through a single, double screw extrude machine, The type of screw used in the extrude process is detrimental to the type of plastic being converted.

  • Over 2,000 Metric Tons of waste Plastics are recycled by Ram Extrusion Each year in the UK.
  • Ram has a 25,000 sq.ft Factory dedicated to making plastic and Wood EX extrusion profiles.
  • 12 single screw extrusion lines that can make extruding flexible, rigid, co extruded & blown extrusions.
  • Custom or Bespoke Thermoplastic Bulk Manufacturer.
  • Ram Supply to the UK & EU, Stores, Builders Merchants, Building Companies, Goverment, Local Authorities & many many more.


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