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Recycled Plastic & Plastic Wood Profiles & Extrusions Photo Gallery

Caravan Wall Board

Ram Extrusion is a volume manufacturer of many types of profiles and this example shows a 10,000m or of caravan wall board joining strips wrapped with a textured vinyl wall paper.

Door Threshold

This door threshold profile has been fully packed inline with shrink film, euro hooks and barcode labelled ready for the retailers racking.

Pvc Pile Carrier

Bulk orders of Pvc pile carrier profiles that are combined for cost effective shipping have been labelled, bar coded and colour coded for the customer ease..

Rear Finger Protector

Digisaver Rear is the lightest finger-protection system to be installed on the external part of the door hinge. Easy to install with just double-sided adhesive tape, protects the external part of the door hinge on wood doors.

Composit Georgian Bar

Natural coloured Pv-wood 22 x 12 Glazing Bar with a 4mm flat top. Manufactured from a blend of Pvc and wood fibres and used for interior or exterior applications where weathering and durability is required?and will long out last normal timber.

Framing Profile

15,000m order of UV stabilised, white Woodex framing profile.

Gazing Bead

Natural coloured Pv-wood 22 x 12 Glazing Bar with a 12mm flat top. Pv-wood is a blend of Pvc and wood fibres which gives long lasting durability and weatherability, with many advantages over using timber, such as no knots, straightness , won't rot and can be supplied in any length to suit the customer thereby reducing waste. .

Door Glazing Bead

Wood-ex Door Glazing Bead used to hold the glass in place in a standard glazed door application. Currently supplied to large volumes to some of the worlds largest door producers. .

Sash Window Ballance

Channel and cover in white Pvc. This profile was designed and manufactured in conjunction with the customer and includes 2 brush pile strips and a clip over cover.