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Thermal Properties

Test: Thermal Resistance (R Value)

Method: Heat flow meter method of ISO 8301:1991 & BS EN 12667:2001 using BBA approved testing laboratory

Results: 0.6 m2K/W. Measured thermal conductivity 0.084W/mk (K value).

Test: Heat Reversion

Method: Samples are scribed at 200mm and heated to 100?C for 1 hour (MOAT No 17 : 1990 4.35)

Results: Reversion no greater than 2.5%.


We can confirm that the material used in its production is made from fibers from FSC certified forest strands.

RAM'S RANGE OF Pv wood Profile Extrusions


Pv-wood is a strong profile extrusion made from pvc combined with wood fibres. The wood fibres used in Pv-wood derive from a sustainable FSC certified forest source. Pv-wood mimics the appearance of real wood whilst still retaining the advantages of using PVC..

Applications & Use

The properties of the Pv - wood product range make it ideal for internal or external usage, Pv-wood is versatile under the most intense weather conditions & also cost effective against using standard wood replacement alternatives as it provides less wastage.

Beneficial Properties & Appearance of Pv-wood

  • Pv-wood will not rot
  • Maintenance free
  • Weather Resistant
  • Pv-wood has excellent resistance to moisture absorption
  • Flame retardant. Class 0 to 1 fire spread is achievable on profiles made from Ram PV-wood
  • Supplied straight without warping, bending and knots
  • Pv-wood can be cut, drilled, screwed, nailed etc just like wood
  • Minimal thermal expansion/contraction
  • Pv-wood is supplied with a smooth surface finish to alleviate the need for sanding
  • Supplied in a natural timber colour or can be coloured through dependant on colour required
  • quantity. Coloured profile should still be painted to achieve accurate colour and finish
  • Can be painted directly with a top coat of paint, no requirement for priming and sanding etc
  • Profiles can be supplied in a length to suit the customers requirements, saving on waste
  • Environmentally friendly as the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Ram offers full assistance in the design of any specific profile requirements
  • Usually supplied in a natural finish.


Pv Parting Bead 8x25
Pv wood 7x25 parting bead provides the perfect solution to rotting window beads...
Pv Parting Bead 8x25
Pv wood parting bead composed of wood composit pvc is perfect...
RAM's Pv staff bead pefect solution for sash windows industry..
Pv Wood Glazing Bead for use on sash windows the solution to rotting..
RAM's Pv Wood Glazing Bead Ideal Replacement Solution on Sash Windows..