Durasill – Direct Replacement for timber tread threasholds

Durasill products have been specifically designed as a direct replacement for timber tread thresholds. Durasill thresholds can be used during the fabrication of the doorset assembly or alternatively as a replacement for damaged or warped sills, which have deteriorated due to weathering or damage sustained by pedestrian traffic.

The material offers superior performance and low maintenance by comparison to high density timbers; Durasill is non-hygroscopic and will not absorb moisture. The life cycle of the product is therefore extended and eliminates the need for an impermeable barrier or membrane during installation. Durasill thresholds have a highly durable outer skin with a glassine finish which can be installed untreated or painted.


  • Durasill is guaranteed not to warp, shrink or distort. There is no stress crack ‘splintering’ and these sills far outperform the life expectancy of commercially available timbers.
  • Durasill thresholds can be screwed, pinned or secured using common building adhesives or cement fixed, when being semi-cast in the floor slab.
  • Durasill thresholds can be routed, sawn and sanded just like timber and is suitable for use on exterior and interior pedestrian doorsets. They can be machined to accommodate a rebated weatherbar or a secondary fit threshold seal.
  • Durasill thresholds are compatible with alcoxy and acetoxy silicones, cement mortars and other common building materials.
  • All Durasill products are inspected and tested to ensure that they are manufactured defect free and conform to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Durasill thresholds have excellent thermal insulation and thermal break properties.
  • Durasill is available in two different styles and each style is available in 2 sizes; Standard Door Sill and Easy Access Door Sill.
Durasill Door Images

Durasill Features

  • Highly Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Rotproof
  • Pest and Fungal Resistant
  • No Warping or Bending
  • Sets in mortar
  • Can be nailed, glued and painted
  • Easy to Saw, Route etc
  • Easily Cleaned
  • 5 types available