What is plastic extrusion?

Plastic is a very important material in multiple industry sectors. Plastic extrusion is the huge volume process of shaping polymers for desired uses. The process is done through an extruder. The Polymer and extracts are compounded together; usually in a powdered or pill form; and fed into the extruder.

The Plastic Extrusion Machine

For plastic extrusion to take place an extruder is the core piece of equipment for this manufacturing technique. Extruders involve mainly of these components:

A manual or vacuum hopper: Holds and feeds the raw plastic materials.

A long barrel: Involves a screw-like mechanism that pushes the plastic through the barrel.

External heaters: Maintains the desired temperatures inside the barrel.

A die: Forms the profile of the plastic part being manufactured.

What is our process at RAM Extrusions Ltd?

RAM Extrusions LTD are custom extrusion profile specialist. We follow a unique process to build the best quality for plastic extrusion. The process of plastic extrusion usually begins with the polymer and the additives. These are gravity fed into the plastic extrusion machine in their raw states and drops onto a screw. The screw is motor powered and rotates. The screw can come in different shapes and sizes, depending entirely on what type of plastic extrusion process is necessary. The screw is utilized to push the materials to a heated barrel. As the polymer and additives are steered down the barrel in the plastic extrusion machine, the thread of the screw gets tinier and squeezes the plastic. Once the plastic is well mixed together, the plastic extrusion process moves to eliminating any impurities.

What is plastic extrusion used for?

Many products utilized in life are made through extrusion. In some instances, plastic extrusion is used for components that involve the movement of liquids.

Drinking Straws

Dropping out of favour for the eco-friendlier world, plastic extrusion can be used for drinking straws are made on a mass scale. Although people are turning to paper and reusable metal straws, plastic straws are still applied in many parts of the world.

Water and Sewage Pipes

Almost definitely one of the best inventions in modern history, water and sewage pipes allow for indoor plumbing and safe disposal of waste. PVC pipes are now a requirement of the modern home and are produced through the process of extrusion. Sewage and water pipes dramatically increased the health and wellbeing of billions of people.

Medical Tubes

Hospitals are a place where health and hygiene are vital as there are people’s lives at risk. Medical tubes are produced from plastics as they are simpler to wash and are highly resistant. They also need to be mass produced to a specific standard that is much simpler to accomplish through plastic extrusion. Medical tubes are utilized for IVs, blood transfusions, catheters and respiratory equipment.

What are the different types of plastic extrusion?

Tubing Extrusion

As the name suggests, tubing extrusion is the method of plastic extrusion to create tubes. Air can be used to increase the internal pressure of the tubing and then are water-cooled in most instances.

Sheet Film Extrusion

Sheet film plastic extrusion is applied to make varying degrees of thickness sheets. The sheets are pressed through rollers to get the desired thickness which also cool down the material.

Over Jacket Extrusion

Wires that take electrical charge must to be insulated as to stop electrocution or power shorting. Over jacket extrusion is where a wire is pulled through the extrusion machine and coats the wire. Depending on the type of adhesion the wire has, pressure tooling is used.

Flexible PVC Extrusion

Plastic granules are supplied into the hopper of the extruder and are dragged down into the screw. The barrel and screw are heated by external heating elements. As the plastic granules go along the screw they melt and are compelled through a die which is located at the end of the barrel. The die comprises a cross section of the profile of the extrusion required. The profile is then water cooled through water baths before being coiled and packaged. That’s how flexible PVC extrusion being made at RAM Extrusion.

Wood Plastic Composite

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) combine polymer with wood fibres forming a material with the natural properties of timber whilst having several additional advantages.

Wood Plastic Composite is not as vulnerable as timber to changing moisture levels in the environment, reducing the possibility of the material splinting, and separating. The lack of moisture conducted in the WPC also contributes to the product being less expected to suffer from rotting.

Why should you choose RAM Extrusions LTD?

RAM Extrusions LTD use cutting edge technology with a very narrow set of standards to create a quality process of extrusion. The entire process is a lot more complicated and multifaceted than it appears. And there is a certain level of quality that is expected from RAM Extrusion LTD. Get in touch today to get a bespoke quote for your extrusion needs.

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